About Me

Non Charoenwattananon is an artist from Thailand who hates writing about myself in the third person.

I produce primarily in ink on a variety of different surfaces, creating abstract and figurative forms with a relationship to the interplay between perceived positive and negative spaces. My work deals with moving through emotions and the growth that stems from processing past hurts. My process can be described as a form of self-talk whereby conscious and subconscious thoughts are externalized as a form of psychological release.

Producing primarily in series, I explore fundamental concepts such as frustration, loneliness, perfectionism, and the feeling of emptiness. I am drawn to ink for both its simplicity and versatility; on one-hand its permanency and solidity in pen form allows me to lay down marks with additive, purging tempo, on the other hand, its malleability and autonomy in liquid form gives me permission to exhale and surrender control.

In my free time when i’m not sleeping on my studio’s floor, I like to play board games and go to concerts with friends!

If you have a project for me, I would love to hear about it! Reach out at: non@uchicago.edu

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